Acura 99 3.2 TL and 1996 1997 1998 and 1999 3.5 RL GPS Navigation System Information, Help and Parts for the Hard Disk Drive Navi Units

(Photo by American Honda Motor Company, Inc.)

Acura TL RL GPS Replacement Navi Hard Disk Drive

(Photo by American Honda Motor Company, Inc.)

(Photo by American Honda Motor Company, Inc.)

(Photo by American Honda Motor Company, Inc.)


Need to replace your Acura's navigation disk drive?

This is a very common problem. The old disk drive eventually fails due to wear, excessive shock and temperature changes. If you have a bad disk drive you would be seeing any of several error messages on a blue and yellow screen, mostly Hard Disk reading error unformated (unformatted) Please consult your dealer, or incorrect Hard Disk and other odd behaviors it will exhibit such as locking up or rebooting every so often. Drives may fail at times and work at others until they finally crash. This is typical of any hard drive failure. Extreme hot or cold weather increase their failure rates.

I can send you a new replacement drive. The replacement drives can't fail like the original disk drives do and are a bit faster (recalcs 25-33% TL, 33-50% RL), they are solid state so no moving parts. I'll mail it the same day via USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail and will send you the tracking number. Then just eject the old drive and slide the new one in its place. This is useful if you have a bad drive or want a second drive to travel into another region.

The dealer wants $800 to $1,400 for oem drives that are the same spinning hard disks as your original that will fail again one day. Also the ones I sell are not old used salvage hard disk drives.

A very common question is can I get a larger drive and put more than one region or DVD data on a disk. I'm sorry but the navigation unit can't be made to work that way so if you need to travel in multiple regions you need multiple drives. But I can discount them if you need multiple drives.

The replacement drive is guaranteed to work or I will replace it for as long as you own your car or until I cease selling drives.

This item is a replacement for Acura part numbers: 39010-SZ3-A820-M1 39010-SZ3-A830-M1 39010-SZ3-A831-M1 39010-SZ3-325RM 39010-S0K-A010-M2 39010-S0K-A030-M1 39100-SLK-A00-RM 39010-SZ3-315 39010-SZ3-325 39010-SZ3-335 39010-SZ3-A91 and any other part numbers for hard disks used over these years. The oldest ones have black cases with white or orange labels, then switched to silver cases with blue labels as in the picture above. Other label contents include Navigation Technologies Corp., PCMCIA Hard Disk Drive and CT521RM.

For questions my e-mail address is

Order a Replacement Drive

Click the icon below to take you to PayPal to make a purchase. If you want to pay by cashier check or money order contact me and I'll send you my mailing address. Note that if you don't have or want a PayPal account you can still use the link below to use PayPal to make a one time credit card purchase. It must be shipped to your confirmed address.

1 Navi Drive for RL or TL with region 
$75 including shipping by USPS Priority Mail

Please specify the type of drive you need through the two drop downs. See map below for the list of regions.

Car Model?



In the first two years hard disk updates and reloads were free. We were entitled to a reload if we changed to another region. After that Acura dealers tended to charge a fee to update it, typically $60-90. I paid my dealer to install all the regions of the most recent version on my set of drives. There are still a few that can do updates, do them correctly, some even do so for free now.

Most dealers have stopped doing hard disk updates once their specialized data loading PC stopped working. In some dealers that still have the equipment owners have reported the service department tries to setup their disk and ends up clobbering the data making it unusable until properly setup elsewhere.

In Dec 2002 Acura released the last disk-based software map updates and no new update is expected. Since then there is little or no support for our cars. Acura moved on to DVD based systems.

It is my belief that using standard computer industry procedures for handling software licenses applies to the navigation software. It should be legal to replace a failing drive with a copy of the same software you already own from a backup. The backup just replaces saved files with files you already had the license to use but temporarily lost access to when the prior drive failed.

Disk Software Details

The most recent version has seven regions. Note earlier versions were in different layouts.

Acura Navigation Map

If you are interested in checking the versions of the system and map files you have:

1999 3.2TL
Turn your ignition until the Navigation System comes online.
Press [Set-up]
Select [Others]
Select [Information]

1996-1999 3.5RL
Turn your ignition until the Navigation System comes online.
Press [Set-up]
Select [Info]

There is a map version and a system version. The most recent system version has solved all the crash and hang problems experienced with previous versions. The last release was Dec 2002 which is map version ADB085 paired with system version 3.50 for the RL or 2.01 for the TL.

Map/Region Version System Version
Released ADB 1 CA/NV 2 NM 3 MG 4 SC 5 OG 7 NE 8 SE RL TL
Dec 2002 ADB085x CA009 NM005 MG005 SC006 OG005 NE007 SE007 3.50 2.01
Dec 2001 ADB075x CA008 NM004 MG004 SC005 OG004 NE006 SE006 3.50 2.01
Oct 2000 ADB071x CA007 NM003 MG003 SC004 OG003 NE005 SE005 3.50 2.01
Nov 1999 ADB061x CA006 NM002 MG002 SC003 OG002 NE004 SE004 3.48 1.14
Feb 1999 ADB041x CA005 NM001 MG001 SC002 OG001 NE003 SE003 3.48 1.14
Sep 1998 ADB037x CA005 NM001 MG001 SC002 OG001 NE003 SE003 3.42 1.07
Nov 1997 ADB023x CA004 n/a MG001 SC001 n/a NE002 SE002 3.27 n/a
Apr 1997 ADB012x CA003 n/a n/a n/a n/a NE001 SE001 3.1 n/a
Key to Regions

CA/NV - California / Nevada
NM - NW/MTN - Northwest / Mountain
MG - MW/GL - Midwest / Great Lakes
SC - South Central
OG - OV/GL - Ohio Valley / Great Lakes
NE - Northeast Coast
SE - Southeast Coast

ADB - Acura Database
x (at the end of an ADB version) varies depending on which region you have loaded.

More Technical Details and Options

Information about how the system works.

Terms and Conditions

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